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MicroJig BLADEMATCH Arbor Shims (6-pack)
MicroJig BLADEMATCH Arbor Shims (6-pack)
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New BLADEMATCH Arbor Shims

  • Perfect Table Saw Alignment Achieved. With 6 micro-shims you can calibrate your table saw easily and precisely without the hassle.
  • Maximize the performance of your table saw with perfect alignment
  • Takes the guesswork out of table saw alignment with 6 easy to use shims
  • Cut more accurately so your project fit together like you want
  • Forget the frustration of trying to tune up your saw the old fashioned way
  • Align your cut effortlessly with your riving knife and splitter system for must-have safety

Product description:

This ingenious, easy-to-use table saw blade accessory allows users to create the same cut from different blades every time, without moving, measuring or recalibrating the rip fence scale. Set it up once for each blade and the cut line remains the same, regardless of which blade is used for the cut.

Six stainless Arbor Shims included:

  • 0.003" 0.004"
  • 0.005" 0.006"
  • 0.010" 0.020

Stack and adjust from 0.003" to 0.045" in 1/1000 increments

When changing blades, users place the shims against the arbor, putting the blade on second, and know that the zero cut line will remain the same.

Add to your cart today and cut with greater precision than ever before.


MicroJig BLADEMATCH Arbor Shims (6-pack)


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