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GRR-Ripper Pushblock

Enjoy the ultimate workshop companion! This advanced model of the GRR-Ripper utilizes all the same innovative features of the GR-100 but comes with two additional accessories that improve the control and expandability of the GRR-Ripper System. The GR-200 is built to meet the needs of the professional woodworker or extreme hobbyist. With enhanced versatility features, the GR-200 will perform operations that were before very dicey and time-consuming with ease and speed. Whether you are making razor-thin veneer strips, building miniatures, or creating exquisite furniture you will save time, materials, and fingers with the GRR-Ripper. The GR-200 includes these additional accessories:

The Adjustable Spacer - This accessory adds increased gripping surface for tackling larger stock. It also adds one inch of cutting width to the GRR-Ripper. Also, acts as a secondary balance support for small stock and straight-line ripping. Great add-on for working on the Router Table, and eliminating snipe.

The Stabilizing Plate - The Stabilizing Plate adds a new dimension of control to the GRR-Ripper. It is particularly useful when cutting small narrow pieces of stock. Perfect for trickier cuts like resawing, bevel edging, pattern routing, and much more.

The Stabilizing Plate also performs as the secondary fence that travels with the GRR-Ripper along the left side of the stock. It holds the off-cut piece in its original position through the entire cutting operation. Some users call it a “Feather Board Plate” without the force to pinch the stock into the saw blade.


Micro Jig GRR-Rip Smart Hook Pushblock
Micro Jig GRR-Rip Smart Hook Pushblock
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  • For use with Jointers, Band Saws, Router Table, Shapers and Table Saws
  • Auto-retracting heel technology hooks the tail-end of your board
  • Proprietary Green GRR-RIP for extreme hold
  • 90-degree flipguide for vertical footing on bandsaws and router tables
  • Ergonomic handle exerts directional pressure against the fence
  • Optional mounts for Deflector/Connector shield plate for additional protection against chip debris

The GRR-RIP BLOCK Smart Hook Pushblock is the smart choice for safety. Harness the ultimate gripping power of the only pushblock with Smart Hook Technology that knows where to grab your workpiece.

GRR-RIP BLOCK's auto-retracting Smart Hooks are there when you need them to catch the end of the workpiece and instantly retract mid-board. The Smart Hooks easily lock up and out of the way as well. The GRR-RIP BLOCK is angled for an ergonomic effect and precise directional pressure.

The GRR-RIP BLOCK can be used on the router table, band saw, and table saw, and jointer; the GRR-RIP BLOCK specializes on the jointer because MICROJIG has developed a low-profile, large surface gripping base with proprietary Green GRR-RIP. Consider adding the Deflector/Connecter optional accessory to keep wood chips and other debris away from your face and into the dust collector. Made in the USA.

Three $5.00 OFF Sharpening Coupons Included with purchase.



Micro Jig GRR-Rip Smart Hook Pushblock


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