Forrest Saw Blades - For EVERY Application

Wood Applications

Woodworker II

Woodworker I

Chop Master

For Rips
and Cross Cuts

For Cross

For Mitering
and Cross Cutting

30 teeth (rip 1-1/2” + hards)
40 teeth (all other woods)
20° hook

60 teeth
5° hook

40, 60, 80, or 100 teeth
-5° hook

For table, circular,
and panel saws

For all saw machines

For all chop, sliding
compound miter,
and radial arm saws

  • Rated excellent for both rips and crosscuts on all hard and softwoods
  • Leaves a smooth-as-sanded surface
  • No bottom splintering
  • Thin kerf option
  • Delivers scratch-free, polished cuts every time
  • Superior cross cutting of hardwood, softwood, and plywood veneer
  • No splintering or fuzz
  • Thin kerf
  • Produces tight, perfectly cut miter joints
  • No bottom splinters
  • Cut smoothly at any angle
  • Suitable for all types of wood


Advanced Woodworking

Custom Woodworker II

Miter Master

Dado King

Unique Options
for Complex

For the Ultimate
Miter Cuts

Excellent Dado
Groove in All

20 teeth (fast feed rip)
40 teeth (choice of profile)
20° hook

80 or 100 teeth
0° hook

6", 8", 10"
or 12" diameters
-10° hook

For the advanced
table saw operator

For single or double
chop saws, table,
and radial arm saws

World’s finest
multi-tooth set

  • A specialty blade offering expanded saw capabilities
  • Ideal for joinery and special applications
  • Grind selection available for box joints, dovetails, flat bottom grooves, and high feed rates
  • Ultra thin 5/64” kerf option
  • Produces precise 45° cuts
  • Delivers perfect 90° joints with no gaps
  • Ideal for picture frames, window frames and blinds, toe notching, and fine millwork
  • ATBR - wood, ATB - geso and wood/aluminum, TCG - aluminum and PVC
  • Produces 1/4” to 29/32” flat-bottomed grooves
  • No splintering with and across grain
  • Includes six 4-tooth chippers,
    two 24-tooth outside blades, and shims
  • For soft and hard-wood, oak ply veneer, or melamine


Wood & Man-Made Materials


Duraline Hi-AT

Thin Rim

For Laminates,
Acrylics, Wood,
and More

For Two-sided
Laminates and

For Fragile
Materials 1/32”
to 1/4” Thick

40, 60, 80, or 100 teeth
5° hook

60, 80 or 100 teeth
5° hook

80 teeth
5° hook
built in stiff hub

combinations for
all applications

Best Blade for low
pressure laminates

Extra thin 5/64" kerf
for thin-walled materials

  • Use the #2 TCG and 80T for
    laminated flooring and cast acrylic sheet
  • Use ATB and 60T for general wood
  • Use #11 TCG for two-sided Formica® and high pressure laminate board
  • No splintering or chip-out on top or
    bottom surfaces
  • For flawless cuts
  • No scoring blade needed
  • High tooth count ideal for melamine
    and birch/oak ply
  • Top quality for long life and vibration-free performance
  • Thin kerf option
  • Perfect for delicate acrylic sheets, plastic extrusions, and thin wood veneers
  • Ideal on Formica® overlay, engraving stock, and chippy material
  • Eliminates chipping by minimizing tooth impact
  • ATB - wood
    TCG - plastic


Man-Made Materials

Concave Face


Surface Planer


For Foam Core
Molding and

For Plastic
Sheets and

For Countertops
and Solid
Surface Material

For Copper
Brass, and

48, 50 or 60 teeth
10° hook
unique curved face

60, 80 or 100 teeth
5° hook

40, 50 or 60 teeth
20° hook (table saws)
10° hook (overhead saws)

60 teeth (1/4”-3/4” thick)
80 teeth (3/16” or less)
-5° hook

For all saw

Cuts melt-prone
material cleanly
and easily

For both conventional
cut (i.e. table saw)
and climb cut
(i.e. radial arm saw)

Excellent results
on table, radial
arm, or chop saws

  • Delivers chip-less cuts on both sides of board
  • Won’t melt delicate
    polystyrene molding
  • Available in standard and metric sizes
  • Does excellent job on extruded profiles
  • Delivers clean cuts on stacked sheets
  • No “welding,” no chipping
  • Unique tooth style and side clearances produce cool, melt-free cuts
  • Super-smooth cutting of solid surfaces
  • Chip-free cutting without scratches
  • Reduces finishing time dramatically
  • Easy feeding tooth design
  • Standard and metric sizes
  • Precise burr- free cutting
  • Tooth counts for light and heavy wall tubes, extrusions and plates
  • Use oil or wax lubricants
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