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Laser Guides Oshlun 2nd generation laser guides are the easiest and best way to turn your saw into a precision cutting machine. Installation is fast and easy, simply replace the outer blade flange with the laser guide unit. There are no confusing parts or adjustments. The new design provides a brighter, more accurate line on the left of the saw blade kerf and improves safety by showing you where the blade will cut well before reaching the material. The centrifugal switch activates the laser automatically.

Oshlun Miter and Portable Saw Laser Guide Model LG-M01
Oshlun Miter and Portable Saw Laser Guide Model LG-M01
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- Fits most 7-1/4, 8, 8-1/4, 10, and 12-Inch Miter, sliding compound miter, chop, and portable saws
- New recessed laser design to protect the laser from hitting the material on deep cuts
- New thinner design to fit more saws
- New brighter and more accurate laser line
- Includes extra set of silver oxide batteries

Notes: Will not fit some 12" saw models that have interlocking arbor flanges, including Ridgid and ProTech, Bosch Model GCM12SD or Hitachi 12" Machines. If your saw has a 5/8" threaded arbor shaft and uses a nut to secure the blade, use model #LG-R01.

Item # LG-M01 Installation Note: The arbor recess on the laser guide is made to fit many machines and may have some amount of play when mounted. To address the universal arbor recess, when installing the laser guide, once it is placed on the arbor you can rotate it slightly which will allow the laser guide to self-center on the end of the arbor shaft prior to tightening down.

In some cases such as 12" machines and those with metric arbor sizes, the blade adapter or inside arbor flange washer can protrude past the blade body preventing the laser guide from tightening down fully on the blade. Often this compatibility issue can be overcome by utilizing a full kerf blade, or if needed, a thinner blade adapter on your machine.

Unfortunately on the Bosch Model GCM12SD - 12" Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw, the inside arbor flange blade support can extend past the blade body to the point that our Item # LG-M01 - Miter Saw Laser Guide or LG-R01 - Radial Arm Saw Laser Guide cannot tighten down properly which will not allow you to use our laser guide with that particular saw.

One possible solution is to use a full kerf blade instead of a thin kerf blade on the machine, which in many cases will be enough of a difference to allow the laser to tighten down properly while still using the OEM inner blade flange. Some users have also decreased the thickness of the blade support on the OEM inner blade flange to allow the laser guide to fit properly, however this is not recommend by Oshlun.

Ultimately, the laser guide needs to sit flush against the blade in order to tighten down completely and allow for proper and safe usage.

We don’t have any exact dimensions on what thickness of plate is needed to make it work as we’ve had conflicting information from customers…anything from, it works fine with the standard blade, to no matter what they do it doesn’t work. If the blade is mounted on the saw and the inner blade flange doesn’t protrude out past the blade, the laser guide should tighten down properly.

Warning: Read and follow all instructions that came with your saw. Never look directly into the laser beam. Do not use if the laser guide does not secure the blade properly. 

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Oshlun Miter and Portable Saw Laser Guide Model LG-M01


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