Accessories Nebo Slim Rechargeable Flashlight

Nebo Slim Rechargeable Flashlight

MULTI-USE POCKET FLASHLIGHT HIGH LUMEN: Not sure whether you should carry a pocket flash light or a headlamp; the SLIM is the best COB LED light for you; carry it, adhere it to a metal surface, clip it to your shirt, hook it, the possibilities are endless

DURABLE LED RECHARGEABLE WORK LIGHT: constructed from anodized aircraft grade aluminum and designed to suit your everyday needs; perfect work flashlight, EDC, camping, fishing, traveling, car repair, and emergencies due to the compact design of the NEBO SLIM

STRONG MAGNETS: Incorporated in the clip and the base of the NEBO SLIM is a strong magnet which will adhere to any metal surface; This is perfect while working under the hood of your car, in your home or a number of other places; If it is dark and you have something metal close by, this is the perfect light to whip out of your pocket and stick it to that sucker

RECHARGEABLE LIGHTS VIA MICRO USB CHARGING PORT: You get up to 10 hours of use with the NEBO SLIM and it takes up to 6 hours for the flashlight to fully recharge; the MICRO USB to USB charging cable is included with all NEBO SLIM magnetic flashlights

COB LED LIGHT WITH DIMMING FEATURE: 500 Lumen LED Magnetic Light that is fully dimmable and has a memory power setting, the NEBO SLIM is a feature rich flashlight with clip, magnet, and hook, making this an extremely versatile LED Flash Light

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