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Oshlun Side Dial Gauge (Set Gauge)
Oshlun Side Dial Gauge (Set Gauge)
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  • Also Known as Saw Set Gauge
  • Used to Measure the Tangential and Radial Side Clearance of Circular Saw Blades
  • Range per Revolution: 0.040”
  • Plastic Storage Case

Oshlun MTM-SD Side Dial Gauge (Set Gauge) is a must have for any saw sharpener or saw shop. Great for making sure your carbide tips are centered properly on the blade body when re-tipping and perfect for checking the tangential and radial side clearance (side grinding) to make sure everything is within the needed tolerances. Can also be used for checking the tooth set on steel circular saw blades and hand held saws. The range per revolution is 0.040-inch, with an accuracy of +/- 0.001-inch, graduated in 0.001-inch increments (0 - 80).

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Oshlun Side Dial Gauge (Set Gauge)


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